A Mother’s Story | Filipino Movie Review

A Mother’s Story | Filipino Movie Review

The Philippine television industry surely knows how to release a movie that will touch our hearts and make us cry. Yes, there are many Filipino love stories and family drama movies and TV shows that are rated as the top movies just because of the great stories and great cast.  Also, you can watch all the Filipino movies and TV series from Pinoy Channel. From Pinoy Channel, you can easily watch all the Filipino TV shows, movies and drama serials online and in a very good quality.

A mother’s story is a family drama movie that will make you cry for sure. Philippine television industry has done an amazing job by producing a movie that shows a mother love and sacrifices for her family. This movie was initially released on 6th November 2011. It is directed by John D. Lazatin and is produced by Olivia De Jesus, Rafael Lopez and Charo Santos- Concio. Also, the heart breaking story of this Filipino movie is written by Senedy Que.

A Mother’s Story Filpino Film Story

This movie is based on a story about Medy, who works as a makeup artist in Philippines. She lives with her jobless husband and two kids; King and Queenie. Medy regularly does the makeup of a famous concert star. She also chooses Medy as her personal makeup artist on her United States trip. Medy went to the U. S with her where she met her classmate Helen. Helen convinced Medy to stay in America as an illegal migrant worker. Due to the family pressure and the financial conditions, Medy decided to stay in America in the hope that working here will make her family life better.

Medy started working as a front desk operator at a children’s drama studio. Medy had a very friendly nature so she adjusted there naturally. Children there started adoring Medy specially a girl named Cherry. After some time, Medy realizes that the income she was sending home was not enough for the treatment of her sick daughter, Queenie. So, she decided to work as a house keeper at a couple’s house who was lawyers and was also cherry’s parents.

A Mother’s Story

Medy faces physical and verbal abuse there by the couple, who also took her passport so she can’t run away. She was not even allowed to talk to her family back in Philippines. But, she trusted Helen, who was in charge of sending money to Medy’s family.

After some time, Cherry somehow stole Medy’s passport from her parents and gave it back to her. Medy left and meets a lawyer named Atty. Atty told Medy that she has the right to file a case against that abusive couple for physically abusing her. Also, Medy gets to know that Helen was not sending the whole amount to her family in pinoy channel network.

Medy finally went back home to a broken family. She gets heart broken when she finds out that her husband is dating other women and has left the children to his mother. She files for an annulment and tries to catch up with her children. Medy’s daughter is very grateful and happy to meet her whereas her son; is angry at her for leaving them alone.

Medy explained the whole situation to her children and they started living a happy and peaceful life together.

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Pinoy Replay

Pinoy Replay (Drama Serials) Complete Episodes

Bosses are always horrible, either they are friendly or strict. Pinoy Replay (Drama Serials) is a movie showing up the facing the curses of boss and trying to get rid of it. The fun added to Pinoy Replay (Drama Serials) movie makes is a nice choice to watch, enjoy and learn. Pinoy Replay (Drama Serials) is bringing a joyful comedy for the Drama Cool viewers. Pinoy Replay (Drama Serials) is a sequel to Tambayan (2017). Tambayan (2017) snatched good appreciation from the viewers for its interesting story.

Pinoy Replay (Drama Serials) will continue the basic ingredient of interest. This time you are going to meet three friends who are sick of facing their horrible boss. Their unfortunate fortune helps them to get rid of it but just for a limited time span and their limited ability carters them to own their own business. You need great guts and brain to run a business. Watch Pinoy Replay (Drama Serials) and come to know the secrets related to employment and entrepreneurship.

Credits of Pinoy Replay (Drama Serials) Movie Review

Pinoy Replay (Drama Serials) cast holds Jason Bateman (Nick Hendricks), Charlie Day (Dale Arbus), Jason Sudeikis (Kurt Buckman), Jennifer Aniston (Dr. Julia Harris), Kevin Spacey (David Harken), Christoph Waltz (the investor/antagonist), Chris Pine (the son of Waltz’s character) and Jamie Foxx (Dean “Motherfuckah” Jones). Pinoy Replay (Drama Serials) is the production of Brett Ratner, Jay Stern and John Morris. Sean Anders has directed this movie. The screenplay has written by John Francis Daley, Jonathan Goldstein, Sean Anders and John Morris. The music has composed by Christopher Lennertz. New Line Cinema and Rat Entertainment studios have done the making. The distribution authority has given to Warner Bros. Pictures.

Pinoy Replay (Drama Serials) Synopsis

Pinoy Replay (Drama Serials) is a movie that shows up the helplessness of three friends who are sick of being employed. They wanted to get rid of breathe sucking life and for this they tries as well. The trail makes them falling in a u-turn.


Nick, Dale and Kurt are three friends. They work in same company. They are sick of their employer. It sucks them to obey every order of their employer. Employment is a curse to them.

Pinoy Replay

They use their noggins to get out of the prison of employment. Nick, Dale and Kurt finally come with the decision to start their own business, so they have not to face any boss any longer. Hence, they begin their own business and starts enjoying their entrepreneur status.

Pinoy Replay (Drama Serials) Complete

This ultimate grace and enjoyment does not last any longer, when a big investor enters in their lives. This investor invests a large sum in their company and finally gets the ownership of their company. Nick, Dale and Kurt are once again under the restriction and limitation. Nick, Dale and Kurt start resolving this issue. Finally, they plan to kidnap the elder son of the investor to ask for ransom in against of releasing him. This way they can get their company’s ownership back to them.

Pinoy Replay (Drama Serials) Review & Verdict

Pinoy Replay (Drama Serials) is a good treat to watch. The movie will be out on November 26, 2017. The enjoyable theme of this movie reveals the woes of independent business and the employment in a light manner. The chemistry of the three friends will make you enjoy throughout the movie.